Buttock and Hip Augmentation


What is Buttock and Hip Augmentation?

There are two main procedures for increasing buttock size: first and most used, is the transferring of your own fat from other areas, into your buttocks through Liposuction and Lipotransfer procedures. The other one is performed through gluteal implants, which is used with very thin patients from whom fat cannot be obtained. Both procedures are safe, fast, and provide excellent outcomes. Hip augmentation is performed in individuals who are generally thin and lacking hip projection. It is used to enhance body shape and it is performed using liposculpture techniques by applying your own fat.

Buttock and Hip Augmentation Surgery is aimed at augmenting and enhancing the size, shape and projection of your buttocks and hips. It is performed leaving very small scars, which get hidden by your underwear. The goal is to obtain a beautiful and natural appearance of your buttocks.


Lab tests


Discontinue use 2 weeks before




Length: 3-4 hours


1 day


7-10 days

In Mazatlán

5 days before and 28 days after




Preparing for Surgery

Pre-surgical medical assessment required at least one week before surgery, to evaluate general health, drug intake, and know your needs and expectations. As well as discussing with you the most appropriate method for you and talking about risk-benefits and what to expect from surgery. 



At discharge, you will be provided with a detailed list of the required specific care measures you must follow. Generally speaking:

Information about surgical procedures and how to plan your trip and stay in Mazatlan.


Follow up

We will conduct an evaluation one week after surgery, one month after; and within six months to a year to monitor permanence of results.  If necessary, you could visit us at any time during your recovery.

Our staff will maintain constant communication to inquire how you have been evolving and to detect any potential incident in a promptly manner; in addition to answering your questions and providing you with follow-up care during your recovery process.


What to Expect

The exceptional results attained with this procedure can be observed immediately after surgery, and a definitive outcome can be seen 8 weeks after, since during this period the areas involved could experience swelling; which is expected to occur, and it is completely normal.

The use of  compression garments and the indicated care measures will help you have an appropriate recovery process.

In fat transfers it is expected that a percentage of fat be absorbed and the final volume to be lower than the initial one. The outcome will depend highly on how you desire to look. We do not provide the same result for all patients; we plan our work based on patients´ individual preferences.

"What you are is what you have been. What you´ll be is what you do now.”