Facial Feminization


What is Facial Feminization Surgery?

Facial Feminization consists of a set of procedures intended to give a more feminine appearance to your face. Not all procedures are conducted all the time. The implemented procedures will depend on your own needs. Facial feminization procedures include the following:  hairline correction, eyebrow feminization, brow bone reduction, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, lip height reduction, lip augmentation, chin augmentation or reduction, jaw reduction or mandible angle reduction, and Adam´s apple reduction; among others. 

The goal is to provide your face with a more feminine and natural appearance. We must conduct a pre-surgery evaluation; most of the time it is not necessary to perform all procedures. 


Lab tests and CT scan


Discontinue use 2 weeks before




Length: 1-5 hours


1-3 days


3-15 days

In Mazatlán

5 days before and 20 days after


Starting from USD$1,944


Preparing for Surgery

Pre-surgical medical assessment required at least one week before surgery to evaluate general health, drug intake, and know your needs and expectations; request and analyze pre-surgical lab tests, take pre-surgery clinical pictures, and plan surgery together. CT scan or X-ray may be required.



When reshaping bones, ecchymoses (bruises) may appear and fade in 10 days.  At discharge, you will be provided with a detailed list of the required specific care measures you must follow. Generally speaking:

Information about surgical procedures and how to plan your trip and stay in Mazatlan.


Follow up

We will conduct an evaluation one week after surgery, one month after; and within six months to a year to monitor permanence of results. If necessary, you could visit us at any time during your recovery.

Our staff will maintain constant communication to know how you have been evolving and to detect any potential incident in a promptly manner; in addition to answering your questions and providing you with follow-up care during your recovery process.

If you’re coming from a different town, you must stay in Mazatlán for at least 7 days. Follow-up is conducted through teleconference. Ideally, we would like to see you face-to-face a year after surgery to refine details in case necessary, and to conduct a deep review of scars to make sure they are perfectly fine.    


What to Expect

Ecchymoses (bruises) are common, although they appear in a discreet manner. In several occasions drains are place in the forehead. You may experience discomfort when using nasal packs, which will be removed (if placed) in 5 days. Expect a more feminine and natural facial appearance.  

"What you are is what you have been. What you´ll be is what you do now.”