Transgender Surgery

Plastic & Aesthetic

I am Dr. Javier Nares

Certified plastic surgeon with graduate studies in sexual reassignment and microsurgery from Gent, Belgium. Fellowship in reassignment surgery from the University of Chulalongkorn in Bangkok, Thailand.

Professional license: 6894546 Certified 1984

Specialty license: 10727305

What people say
about me

Excellent!! I had surgery and it's just incredible, recommended 100%.
Quality and Professionalism.
Excellent service from the very first consultation and extraordinary postoperative follow-up. I am happy with my surgery.
Highly trained doctors. Always provide a professional service and guarantee good results.
Excellent service and outcome, quick answers and high level of response. Thank you very much for your services!!!
Excellent surgeon… Dr. Nares, is highly recommended. You could not put yourself in better hands.
Everything was just perfect! Very good surgeons, very good service, and I very much liked the outcome of my surgery! Thank you very much.