What is Metoidioplasty?

Metoidioplasty is a surgery aimed at enlarging the clitoris and provide a small penis-like appearance.

The clitoris is released and enlarged. There are three modalities: a simple one, where the urethra is not enlarged, and it is easier; ring metoidioplasty, which involves an enlargement of the urethra and allows for stand-up urination; and the Belgrade style metoidioplasty, with which a scrotum sac is created with silicone testicle implants and conducts an almost full closure of the vaginal canal.  You can have a hysterectomy and vaginectomy previously performed or they can be performed during surgery.


Lab tests


Discontinue use 4 weeks before




Length 2-3 hours


1 day


10-14 days

In Mazatlán

5 days before and 21 days after




Preparing for Surgery

In the pre-surgical assessment appointment, we will analyze jointly the most suitable option for you, and your expected outcomes. Permanent hair removal may be required prior to surgery.

Male hormone therapy supervised by an endocrinologist for at least the last 12 months (certified in writing by your endocrinologist). Suspend hormone therapy 4 weeks before surgery (estrogens increase the risk of Deep vein thrombosis).  You will experience physical and emotional during this time. Resume hormone therapy 2 weeks after surgery.



At discharge, you will be provided with a detailed list of the required specific care measures you must thoroughly follow. Generally speaking:

Information about surgical procedures and how to plan your trip and stay in Mazatlan.


Follow up

We will conduct an evaluation during the first week and one month after surgery, in two and three months; and in six months to a year to monitor permanence of results.

If necessary, you could visit us at any time during your recovery.

Our staff will maintain constant communication to inquire how you have been evolving and to detect any potential incident in a promptly manner; in addition to answering your questions and to providing you with follow-up care during your recovery process.

If you’re coming from a different town, you must stay in Mazatlán for at least 21 days after surgery (for the second surgery). We conduct follow up care by teleconference. Ideally, we should see you one year after surgery to if necessary, refine those little details that could arise and to conduct a deep review of your scars and make sure they are perfectly fine.


What to Expect

Sensitivity may be reduced during the first 3 months. Although over 89 per cent of the patients maintain full sensitivity. A penis of 4 to 8 cm in the best case, is to be expected.

60 per cent of the cases it is possible to urinate standing up. Pubis liposuction is often conducted to augment the relative size of the new penis. It is an excellent option if you want to avoid the risks of a phalloplasty.

"What you are is what you have been. What you´ll be is what you do now.”